Hi, I'm Margo




Southern Chey Boutique is the crystallization of a dream. A boutique dedicated to inspire you to Live and Dress Fiercely. Spanish and Western Inspired , Free-flowing, Fierce, romantic and mystifying, with the grit and determination of a Southern woman. 

Texas born and Gemini led, everything up to this point has been a blessing. I am forever grateful for the deeply rooted love I have for my family and my miracle babies. My hope is that every item inspires you to live and dress Fiercely. Be unafraid to stand out as the person you want to be. Your life is just that , YOURS so live it and Dress like the Fierce person you are. 

This site is dedicated to my daughter Cheyenne and son Bradley, with the wish that they never stop dreaming. One day, dreams can become reality. As mine did with Southern Chey Boutique.  

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Margo Townsley